Monthly Archive: October 2017

Your Great Idea? We Tried That Already – It Will Never Work

  How many times have you come up with a great idea that deeply excited you, only to have it met with lukewarm reception or “we tried that already,” or “that will never work,” or any of the other idea…
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Field Guide to Modern Day Transition: Inspiration #327

Why Writing Matters   For those who are familiar with the literary magazine The Sun (, I rediscovered this gem from the founder, Sy Syfransky’s Notebook: (Issue number to follow when I locate it in one of my many piles.)…
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Getting Unstuck and Making A Difference

Getting Unstuck and Making A Difference Mid-Week Workbench 10-4-17 Sense of Place: Early morning, Wednesday, my son’s birthday. 15 years ago, at 3:18 AM, this amazing human made his entrance into this world.  I am at our kitchen table, coffee…
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