Field Guide to Transition #203

Four Questions to Help You Through the Messy Middle…   So much of what I’m observing these days in the personal development literature and thinking has to do with big goals and small steps.  Any big project is daunting, and…
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Getting Unstuck and Making A Difference

Getting Unstuck and Making A Difference Mid-Week Workbench 10-4-17 Sense of Place: Early morning, Wednesday, my son’s birthday. 15 years ago, at 3:18 AM, this amazing human made his entrance into this world.  I am at our kitchen table, coffee…
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Breaking the Sunday Night Logjam

11:00 PM, Sunday Night Sunday night, a bit out of sorts, because even though I had a good weekend and got a lot done, I still feel like I could use more down time.   My soul could use a patch…
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