Are Relentless Interruptions Killing Your Productivity?

Five Sneaky Culprits in the Workplace That Scuttle Deep Work and Three Solutions You have a presentation due in three weeks, and you’ve developed a project plan and scheduled time to get it done.  You know you need uninterrupted time…
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Breaking the Sunday Night Logjam

11:00 PM, Sunday Night Sunday night, a bit out of sorts, because even though I had a good weekend and got a lot done, I still feel like I could use more down time.   My soul could use a patch…
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Workplace Challenge: Navigating Workplace Tension with a Supervisor

Workplace Challenge: My friend Hannah, who works for a large medical device company, recently called to discuss a difficult situation at work.  She has a supervisor who is both driven and difficult to pin down, who expects a lot but…
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